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This is Beatsfortheill a collective of conscious creatives whom enjoy sharing the love and appreciation for talented producers, musicians, forward-thinkers & artists of the various fields of intimate self-expression.
Music, Arts, Cultural Intergration, Interviews, Positive Reflection and Love. Connecting the mind, body and soul through the joys of deeper awareness, puff puff relax

                                       Words with Shabazz

It was about a year ago that I was introduced to the healing words & sounds of Michigan based rapper
& producer Shabazz whom had me swaying and recalling youthful bump and grinds with his remix of Pretty Rickys- love like honey yet contently chilling on his tracks such as “Joy” & “Adolescent Days”.
Flowing on subjects such as the struggles of our youth, gods many blessings & positive vibes, Shabazz is making forward moments with his music & lyrical poetry that not only expands the mind but also presses for change with his ingenious words and thoughts. So sit back & relax and enjoy word with Shabazz.
Hey man thanks for taking the time to share words, how about we start of with the basics.
                                      Favourite Food:
"Favourite I’d have to Alfredo. Chicken or Shrimp preferably "
                                    Favourite Beverage:
"Hispanic Drink Called Horchata. best drink everThumbs up sign
                                Favourite location to chill:
"Definitely the studio , where most of my creativity flows and hanging with my Militia brothers."
                              Last Album you purchased:
"Last album I purchased had to be good kid maad city by kendrick . I definitely need new ones tho lol"
                 A childhood memory in regards to music:
"Watching my grandpa play the piano and organ. Very exciting experience for which somewhat introduce this music thing to me."
                                    Favourite Movie:
"Space Jam. watched it everyday as kid. Right before school , after , all day pretty much"
                                    Views on Reincarnation:
"I guess I’d have to say if I were to reincarnate, I would be some other living organism other than a human"
                                      A track to bounce to:
"Young Locc - Paranoia shoutout to him forsure. Been my homie since 5th grade"
                                      A track to chill to:  
"Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze
In which I did sample for my new track “My Way”
                        What you like to do in your spare time:
"Rehearse lyrics , a little photography and drawing & I like eating too lol"
Thanks for that so how about we start of by discussing your rapping, I love your sound hell chill vibes , so how long have you been rapping and what inspired you to start writing your own music?
"Thanks man I appreciate it alot! But umm , I would have to say I started taking it more serious around 8th/9th grade when I met my fellow friends Dre Joseph & Tas. We’d sit in Dre’s room for hours listening to beats after school and on the weekends going back & forth with freestyles till eventually we all actually started to sit down and write songs."
As you know already I really connected with your remix of love like honey I remember having that remix on repeat when you first released it much love, how did you put this track together and inspired it’s creation?
"Well at first I was just looking for samples to remix but I couldn’t find a thing. After surfing YouTube I found Love like honey which used to be one of my favourite slow jams back when I was younger haha, But idk I figured if I switched it up a little put different sounds in it I could make something good. I’m pretty glad how the feedback turn out for it too, gave me tons of motivation."
What do you love most about putting together your own raps and can you share your favourite subjects to discuss when it comes to writing a bar?
"What I love most is the fact that I come up with conscious lyrics in my raps. Not too many people sit upon  concious rap anymore but I’m glad it’s starting to make a comeback in hip-hop. I guess when it comes to my subjects I like to forward it towards things in today’s world that actually goes on. Poverty, government issues in america today, racism, and maybe sometimes deep poetic stories  to give the listener a visual. Idk it varies depending on how I’m feeling at the time of writing."
You mange Gold Charisma,can you share more details on that project and your mission?, when did you start Gold Charisma?
"Gold Charisma by far will always be my favourite project I created. It was mainly made when I turned 16 and was dealing with all the vices of the world, as well as dealing with my father Torry George’s death. I guess the main purpose was to give people a mixture of every feeling. From chill songs like "chill vibes" and "coastin" to political and poverty factors in america like "good amerika" . I didn’t want people labelling me as a particular artist who only raps about one subject &  I’m honestly glad the movement is growing for me locally and hopefully it continues."
In July last year you dropped your ep Gold Charisma which nurses really on point tracks my favourite being “Good AMERIKA” produced by the talented Ory Buf what inspired the word in that track and what was your message behind the whole EP ps loved the subtle samples you chose through-out the ep (Outkasts prototype with those bassy lines through Coa$tin bliss)
"Thank you again i appreciate the love. But when I wrote "Good Amerika" I wanted everyone to notice what’s going on politically and how racism is still alive in america. I gave examples of how poverty is still a struggle for not only African American women but for all women who are the only parent taking care of their children and struggling to do it. My message behind the whole was to give you the feeling to be positive throughout everything you face in life from the peer pressure of drugs, to the financial and social struggles we as teenagers face today. I wanted everyone to see how you could prevail and still move on with a positive outlook on life despite the corruption people either seen or have faced. "
You also produce a lot of your own track which I’ve always loved about multi-talented musicians such as yourself, how long have you been producing and what got you started? What do you use to put your beats together?
"Yea I guess that’s perk to music. If you can produced and have the lyrics it can play out well for you. Although  I started shortly after my boy SAVON. He mainly introduced me into the whole production side of music and showed me how to set up beats when laying them out ,etc. I started out using FL Studio which I still use but sometimes I try different programs like ableton live to try to switch my songs up with different sounds.
Here at beatsfortheill we have a deep love for self expression, which was one of the reasons I wanted to interview you for I feel your music hold an honest grip on the problems not to mention joys of life and it’s various ups & downs. Can you share a little about yourself and the personalties & words you share through your music?
Growing up in a semi-hostile environment such as my hometown Saginaw, Michigan definitely explains the ups and downs part of my music. Music was one of those things I ran to when I needed something to express myself when words couldn’t. It helped me grow as an adult and Definitely showed I have potential in doing something I love and my lyrics help explain that for me as well.”
Anything coming up from your end that we should keep an eye out for?
Most Definitely . I have a tape coming December 12th called “Thunderbird Chronicles” and it will be my last project i’ll release as a solo artist(for now)
Any recommendations musically and art wise that you would like to share?
Yea Man
i wanna share my group the Triple Threat Militia. We are all talented musicians from local Grand Rapids, Michigan. Definitely check them out soundcloud:
And Twitter: @MilitiaMovement  
Any last words? 
"Shout to you for this interview and shoutout to my mama. I love you girl P.O.P hold it down"
Support and enjoy Shabazz’s sounds here:

Alan watts - Jesus and his religion

Can never get enough of Alan Watts words such a revolutionary man, much love people and listen in on his words, each to there own but this guy has a lovely view point to me, be your own guider and question what doesn’t feel right, it’s time we all grew collectively

Peace All

Keari Huxtable// Keaaari

Get spooky for Halloween, Keaaari does on point make-up, stay tune for our interview coming soon, peace!


Xian & Gaszia//4am

So it’s 1:34 in the morning and I’m wide eyed after a night time coffee whilst booty bouncing around the lounge due to this bassy delight courtesy of this on point collaboration by Utah, USA talents Xian & Gaszia whom individual also deliver really on point tracks (see Feel by Xian & Lost by Gaszia)

Together these guys create that perfect atmosphere for 4am grooves and feel good vibes that can only be expected when two talents collab. Everything about this track just fits like a puzzle as this track has been enjoyed on repeat for the passed hour whilst choc chip ice cream has ever tasted so good with this track feeding my sugar high without any regrets. A track that is definitely one not to be missed, so push play and get lost in the soundscapes.

Much Love

Support the duo here:

Support Gaszia Here:


Support Xian here:

Divine Interface// Outkast- Elevators Remix

Around a year ago I discovered what is still one of my favourite remixes of an Outkast track put together in delicate fashion courtesy of Divine Interface and talented producer out of Atlanta USA.

This track just has that vibe about it that sort of pulls you in and has you pushing repeat on the constant. I actually remember when I first heard this lovely arrangement that it encouraged me to stroll to the local lake for chills amongst nature, headphones in content and chilled amongst natures smoke. The beauty is that every Divine Interface I’ve listened to jogs that memory and leaves me content within the soundscapes so I recommend you push play and take in his musical energy

Much Love

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ShabaZZ - Laid Back

Interview with this Michigan talent coming soon, peace

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mid-term feat roca-wear

Photography by Micaiah Carter- Keep your eyes open for our coming interview <3

allen-snow//Devils Cabbage (Prod. j^p^n)

After a night in with friends enjoying sweet conversation & gibberish chats of genuine randomness I returned home to a message from this rapper out of St. Pete Beach, Florida whom introduced me to his work and boy was his words on point. Sort of depicting the minds of many with this track “Devils Cabbage” doused in the on point production of j^p^n whom adds the down tempo jazzy tone and blessed sound which matches allen-snow”s sound perfectly. So relax and enjoy this well tuned collaboration.

Much Love

Support and enjoy  allen-snow here:


Support j<p<n here:

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allen-snow: Yo, I saw your post about bsd.u and loved it! I actually spit to a few of his tracks. Check out my stuff if you would, much love from Florida.

Hey man thanks appreciate it, he’s a talent & I’ll check your  stuff now peace!

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