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Apollo 14 blasts off from Cape Canaveral, seen from a fisheye camera on the tower, 31 January 1971.
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Apollo 14 blasts off from Cape Canaveral, seen from a fisheye camera on the tower, 31 January 1971.

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Arctic Lights by Kevin Gorton
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friday night
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Jordan Rakei- Street Light feat. Gwen Bunn

Jordan Rakei out of Brisbane, Australia returns to the soundscapes spreading his vocal mystics and soul captivating flows in the most delightful manner with his exceptional follow up Groove Curse which compliments my copy of Rakei’s spell-bounding first release Franklins Room ever so wonderfully.

With Rakei’s delicate tone & beautiful soulful arrangements through-out Street Light seamlessly  partnered with Decatur songwriter & vocal talent Gwen Bunns dreamy sounds, results in this fine tuned example of food for the soul, the mind & the body.

Rakei brings about higher consciousness and warms hearts with this lovely single, not to mention Groove Curse as a whole, so sit back relax & enjoy the musical landscapes courtesy of Gwenn & Jordan.

Much Love

Special Mention to Brisbane based Collective & Label- Soul Has No Tempo for making Groove Curse available to all <3 You can purchase Groove Curse here via Bandcamp:

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Autumn Lior // Stoner Boy. (ft.sidenote)
Produced by: Simon Smthg

So It has been a year or so since I last posted to the blog, mostly due to ze life & spirit being explored amongst mother earths beauty, but now I am fulfilled and writers block has diminished gratefully!

So on a positive note I thought I would share a track that has been complimenting natures flows and the sun in set perfectly during my nightly endeavors with Mary Jane.

This blissful track, conveniently named Stoner Boy is the soul collab workings of talented North Carolinian vocalist Autumn Lior and on point beatsmith/ producer Simon Smthng, & boy does it soothe the soul.

The track itself embodies warmth & sexy that all round feel good vibe that tingles the inner feminine energies & ultimately leaves the soul craving rested eyes & smokey lungs

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Embrace your mind not your processions &lt;3
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Embrace your mind not your processions <3

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Not so long ago here at beatsfortheill, ears were blessed and souls were soothed courtesy of Netherlands producer and creator of all things feel good- Guru Glenn, who put together an emotional display filled with plenty of musical trinkets for beats next journey through the soundscapes -Deep & Meaningfuls- "A collection of tracks that have inspired and deepen your love and connection for musical expression"

Glen links with our brief in such a beautiful manner, dabbling in and out of genres and feels that leave one feeling in-tune & oh so grateful for the play button. So taking this all into account we thought it only right to dabble a wee bit further into Guru’s creative ambitions & share words in regards to his inspirations, sound and all too deep and meaningful moments within music. Enjoy & much love.

Name: Randall van den Berg

Location: Zaandam, The Netherlands

A track to bounce to: Sango - BB Don’t Cry (It’s Gon’ Be Ok)

A track to chill to: Thundercat - For Love I Come (Lapalux Flip)

An oldie but a goodie: Santana - Transcendance

Musical Inspirations: Wow, there are a lot, uh… Dilla of course, Flying Lotus, Robert Glasper, Thelonious Monk, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Thundercat, Pat Metheny, James Jamerson, Aphex Twin, Burial, Four Tet, Bonobo, Esperanza Spalding, James Blake and Death Grips… Just to name a few.

Thanks for producing such a spell-binding journey through the soundscapes, I’ve found your mix to be a perfect compliment to a setting sun over a few cold beers & a burrito or three whilst relaxing in the breeze, truly captivating.

What was the aim &/or inspiration behind your take on the D&M brief- “A collection of tracks that have inspired and deepened your love and connection for musical expression” and how did you go about creating & setting the mood for the mix:

I basically tried to capture my musical flavour and tastes in about 15 minutes. With this one I tried to take a bit more of an emotional approach to the music, like not worrying much about the technical stuff (maybe you can hear the mastering actually kinda sucks on this mix, but whatever). I just approached it with a “do what you feel like doing and see if it works” type of mindset, and I think it worked out nicely.

What do you believe has strongly influenced your desire to create and share music? And how long have you been producing your own sounds:

I started playing guitar when I was 13, from there on I kinda started playing around with keyboard and bass guitar, but it wasn’t until around Christmas of 2012 that I started to produce. It was around that time that I got into J Dilla/Pete Rock/Madlib/9th wonder etc. Hearing that stuff made me want to start making beats.

I always wanted to make and record my own music but I never had any recording equipment, so when my brother introduced me to Ableton I finally got something that I could use to not only record instruments but also to make beats, play electronic synths and do a whole lot more things. So that definitely open up a lot of doors for me to do stuff musically and from there on I really started to take it seriously.

Can you Share a Deep & Meaningful moment that you have experienced through music:

There are two of those moments actually. One of those is when I heard The Consequences Of Jealousy by Robert Glasper for the first time, it’s such a soulful track. The piano/electric piano performance on that just makes you melt. That song really made me want to buy a Fender Rhodes (I still haven’t though, those things are expensive as hell).

Also, I’ll never forget the first time I heard Aphex Twin - Rhubarb. Easily the most calm and peaceful track ever. It just sounds like it came straight down from heaven or something. I have this track on repeat every night I go to sleep, I still do.


Anything coming up from your end that we should keep an eye out for:

I’m working on an electronic project right now, the last track on the mix is actually from that project (I’ll probably also include the first track, don’t know yet). It’s a pretty vague idea as of right now, don’t really know where it’s gonna go… But yeah, be sure to check when that comes out.


My brother Ryan Dredda, a DJ, he has a great taste for bangin’ house music, so if you like that type of stuff, be sure to check him out. Also, there’s this guy called Watt Jr. from Zaandam, really talented dude, check him out too. Oh, and James Franken, young MC, he’s pretty sick as well.

These are some albums I recommend to anyone

Robert Glasper – Black Radio (Jazz/R&B/Hip Hop)

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (Jazz Fusion)

Thundercat – The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (Jazz/Electronic)

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (Ambient Techno)

 DJ Rashad – Double Cup (Footwork/Juke)

 Death Grips – The Money Store (Experimental Hip Hop/Noise Hop)

 Danny Brown – XXX (Hip Hop)

 Shabazz Palaces – Black Up (Experimental Hip Hop)

 Madvillain – Madvillainy (Hip Hop)

 Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (Hip Hop)

 Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes (Electronic)

 Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind (Electronic)

 Burial – Untrue (UK Garage/Dubstep)

 James Blake – James Blake (Electronic/Post-dubstep)

 Toro y Moi – Anything In Return (Dance/Synth Pop)

 Goldie – Timeless (Drum and Bass/Jungle)

Support & Embrace Guru Glenn’s tracks here:

Check Guru Glenns D&M Mixtape for beatsfortheill here:

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D e e p & M e a n i n g f u l s  w S h a u n D e e

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Shaun Dee, an on point music creative out of San Diego sets the mood and offers up those soulful hiphop chills and more with his take on beatsfortheill’s first mixtape segment for the blog- Deep & Meaningfuls, “A musical journey through the soundscapes”. Connecting with the brief with love and care, Shaun Dee warms and connects with his diverse take on the deep and meaningful moments & personal revelations that humanity can and continues to experience through music. 

So to compliment the mix we took a few moments to share words with the San Diego DJ in regards to his take on D&M and other bits and pieces within music that tick the right vibes in his books, So enjoy and check Shaun’s D&M tape here much love

Name:Shaun-Kristoffer Deguzman (Shaun DEE)

Location:San Diego/ Los Angeles, CA

Most Priced Album:

I’ll give you handful cause I’d be lying if I said one was the most prized. Pulp- Different Class. MaSe- Harlem World. Brandy’s self-titled. Harlem World was one of the first rap albums I tried to memorize in its entirety in 6th grade. Brandy’s album reminds me of my sister and I just love that it really embodies what was the noise of rnb in the 90’s. and pulp because…well because pulp is fucking awesome.

A track to bounce to:

Gimme Da Loot- Notorious B.I.G.

"Biggie doing TWO voices on the track by himself? C’mon, that goes hard"

A track to chill to:

Tokimonsta- Sweet Day

An olde but a goodie (track from the past):

Again I gotta narrow it down to a few, The Wailers covering the Beatles’ “And I Love Her” and Stevie Wonder’s “Yester Me, Yester You, Yesterday” Probably one of my favourite songs for life. Fuck, I’ll even say “The Bells” by The Originals. I don’t know, I can’t decide man…

Musical Inspirations:

Pete rock. The Neptunes. Sam cooke. Stevie wonder. Flying Lotus

A Childhood Memory in regards to music:

 When I was kid i lived in long beach, my mom used to point out this tower records we used to live by and always say something like “that’s the record store where snoop dogg filmed his first music video…” I just remember thinking, “My Mom knows whatsup…” Also when I lived in seattle that’s when I started going into record shops when I was about 7. In seattle my parents would always point out the store where jimmi Hendrix bought his first guitar. So my parents had some musical knowledge, They aren’t rookie cookies.

First off, thanks for connecting and creating this blissful musical journey, Shared this mix recently with a friend and like I predicted she, like myself was blown by the mood set and feel this mix had to offer, such a lovely array of tracks, much love.

What was the aim &/or inspiration behind your take on the D&M brief—“A collection of tracks that have inspired and deepen your love and connection for musical expression” and how did you go about creating & setting the mood for the mix::

Thank you! I was excited to do this, I feel like we’ve been trying to get this going for a minute. The track list I started with was like over 70 songs that just sorta resonated with me. Then from there I would go through like a minute of each song and then start removing tracks. So I just kept narrowing and fine tuning the track list until I had like 25-30 or so songs. Then from there it was just a matter of hitting record and vibing it out. So what I’ll do is play a set without thinking and just go with the flow, once I have that down I’ll see what I liked and didn’t like and then do it again. I don’t use all the tracks on a playlist, but when your set is done, you just sorta know.

What it really boiled down to was making a mix that you could get a sense of who I am and not just a mix full of heaters, you know? Like it needed to have life in it and not just be an arrangement of cool shit. I’ve heard djs that play their shit out and there’s no life in it because it’s just about playing the bangers. I don’t want that, when I play I want you to be able to get a sense of myself in the selections. For instance, I started with Missy Elliot’s “the rain” for a number of reasons. I remember seeing that music vid and thinking, “this is so weird! But I like it!” The beat is so on point and these days you’ll hear a lot of producers cite timbaland as an influence. The track immediately following that one is by mr. carmack, who I’ve heard people say is the next timbaland. See? So I was trying to blend both old and new throughout the mix. So you’ll hear elements of early rnb, some soul and hip hop mixed with the noise of today.                                                image

I’ve got tracks in there by teebs, mndsgn, gaslamp killer, flylo, Toki…and all those people are like the FACE of the los angeles beat scene, basically that entire brainfeeder collective. What I think of most about brainfeeder and the LA beat Scene is how deep all of their pockets are as far as musical influences goes. They’re into jazz, soul, hiphop, rock, you name it. SO the mix is really an embodiment of all the music I discovered while living in los angeles. Not to say that the music is From LA, though a lot of it is, I’m just saying that living in la helped me expand my horizons. I don’t think I woulda been able to have gone forth and been more of an experimental dj if I hadn’t moved to la. Plus living in la I got to be part of the scene, it happened so fast too! You quickly realize everyone knows everyone in the scene, so you kind of get over seeing anyone as a celebrity quick. As far as mood goes, I think the mix just has an overall balance. There’s Not Too much of one thing; not too much of a trap influence, not straight hip hop, not all future beats and shit. Just balance of all the elements. And that’s exactly what I was trying to avoid was sounding one dimensional 

Were there any particular songs that you featured in D&M that have a deep connection with your love for music? If so which ones and why (is it connected with a memory etc)

Yea. I threw in Tribes “excursions” as well as Flying Lotus’s “Massage Situation”. Both those songs and artists for that matter were just game changers.

What do you believe has strongly influenced your desire to create and share music? And how long have you been experimenting with sound::

I would see all sorts of musical acts in my youth and today and I would just think to myself “I wanna fucking do that!!” Just have the ability to command a room and make your presence known, you know? It’s very rewarding to see people vibing out to your selections or giving you props on what you did. It can be stressful but it’s so much fun too. it’s nice to have that positive influence on people all because you’re doing something that you love. When you have The ability to demonstrate your musical knowledge and educate others, it’s quite a connection.


Can you Share a Deep & Meaningful moments that you have experienced through music:

Music is what gives emotion an actual sound. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve fucked, I’ve done it all to music haha. C’mon now. Music is the soundtrack to the beautiful, fucked up movie that is your life…Do lsd listening to music, you’ll definitely get deep and meaningful…

 Anything coming up from your end that we should keep an eye out for:

Just gonna keep trying to get some gigs. I’m Working on trying to head out to sxsw, and currently trying to get a podcast going out here. I’m definitely committing to creating some original tracks, I think the time has finally arrived for that. Possibly a new moniker as well. Who knows, maybe make it out to Australia…


Music Recommendations

Mndsgn- Breatharian

Captain Murphy- Duality

Thundercat- Apocalypse

The Menehan Street Band-The crossing

Cope more of Shaun Dee’s sounds here:




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Fortunes// Sunni Colon- Temple (Fortune Refix)

Hailing out of  Los Angeles, USA musical talent Fortunes tweaks and sets the mood with his soul soothing take on the Sunni Colon original, and equally beautiful track “Temple”.

Complimenting Sunni Colon’s effortlessly dreamy vocals with a touch of bass and that all to familiar boom bap drum goodness. Fortunes elevates the soul and encourages grooves though out the land with this musical treat, that is perfect for anytime to be quiet honest. So embrace, relax and get in on this on point producers well distinguished sound, your inner curator will not regret it next time you have to host a house party, much love.

Support Fortunes Here:




Support Sunni Colon Here:


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Feral-Mix for SSENSE

There are always underlying elements & feels that truly make for a great mix, and Feral a well on point producer out of New York ,USA seamlessly sees to this with his eclectic delivery of this exceptional array of beats, personal and beyond for Canadian Clothing Boutique SSENSE.

Feral takes the mind and soul on an emotional journey through the soundscapes, blending in personal power tracks like his booty friendly edit of A$AP Ferg’s - Murda Something and another refreshing take on the Jamie XX /Gil Scott Heron classic “NY is Killing Me”

What I loved most about this mix was Feral’s well clued attention to detail as well as how creatively he expresses the sounds and feels present in today’s music .

I mean this guy had me swaying like a soul sista on shrooms to Mssingno’s XE2 one minute then the next reliving childhood booty drops with Sean-a-paul and Beyonce, what’s not to love, embrace & enjoy.

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